Starting a Judging Round

A judging round can either be started automatically by selecting the "Enable auto start" in the round setup or it can be started at any time manually.

To start a judging round manually go to the Settings->Voting & Judging tab and select “start” for the round you would like to commence.

When the round is started all judges who have been assigned to the round will be notified via email that the round has started and that they can login to the judging site. The URL for the judging site will also be supplied. The email sent to judges can be customised via the notifications section.

Select “Edit” for the “contest_round_started” email template and then configure the message as required.

Only one judging round can be started at a time.

Manually Closing a Judging Round

Once a round is started it will automatically close once the due end date is reached for the round. However the round can also be manually closed or cancelled. To close the round manually select the “Close” option button for the round.

Once the round is closed no further judges scores will be accepted and completed scores will be automatically submitted.

Reopening a Judging Round

If a judging round has been closed (either manually or automatically) you have the option to reopen the round. This is great if you want to extend the time for judges to complete their scoring.

To do this go to the closed round and select "Reopen".

When a round is reopened you will be asked for a new future end date for the round. This must be a date/time in the future. Once the date/time is entered the round will be reopened and judges can then login and continue judging. All previous scores will be saved so they continue where they left off.

Judges will also be notified again via email that the round is open unless you disable the notification email.

Cancelling a Judging Round

Another option is to cancel the round. This may happen when you are either setting up a test round or if you had inadvertently started a round or made a mistake in the setup.

To cancel a round select the “Cancel” button. When the cancel button is selected any scores added will be reset and all scores for that round will be removed.

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