Assigning entries to judges

Once you have created your judging round you can then assign your entries to your judges. If you did not enable auto assignment in the round then this article is applicable for you.

To do this select the “Assign entries” tab.

Entries can also be filtered by category or by date range. This allows judging to occur over specific periods as well as being able to assign different judges to different categories of entries.

It is also important to note that when a round has not started the “Judges Finalised Score” column will contain a sum of all the finalised scores from all previously completed or current rounds. This allows you to sort and select the top entries for assignment in the round you are setting up.

When viewing a round that has completed previously or is currently being run the “Judges Finalised Score” column will contain the combined score per entry for all judges that finalised their score in the selected round only.

Assigning entries to judges can be done multiple ways.

Select the “unassigned” entries selection panel to list all entries that have not been assigned. Then simply select each of the entries you want to assign. These will be highlighted with a tick.

The entries can then simply be dragged and dropped over the round assigned groups on the left hand panel.

Alternatively you can select the “Assign To” selection box and select the judges to assign these entries to. Note that each entry can only be assigned to one judge or judges group.

To un-assign entries from a judge or judges group simply select the judge or group on the left hand panel to display the entries assigned to the select judge(s). Then select the required entries and either drag them to the “Unassigned” panel on the left hand side or select the “Unassign” button.

As entries are assigned the assignment is automatically saved.

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