Now go back to the contest being configured and select the judges tab. There are three sub-tabs displayed under this section.

  • Setup Judging – This is where you configure each judging round
  • Assign Entries – This is where you assign entries to the judges or judges groups.
  • View Progress – This is where you can review the status of the judges for open and closed rounds

The judging rounds that have been setup are displayed in the setup judging tab. To create a new judging round select “Add Round”.

The judging round settings panel will then be displayed.

The settings are as described as follows:

  • Round Name : This is the name for the judging round and is displayed in both the administration dashboard to distinguish the round as well as on the judging site where judges visit to conduct their voting
  • Round Instructions : The round instructions text box is used to provide instructions to judges for when they arrive at the judging site on how to vote for the entries assigned to them.
  • Type: The Type setting sets the basis for which the judging will take place. There are three options available:Rating : Judges rate entries between 1 to 5Assessment Rating : Judges rate entries between 1 to 5 based on configured assessment criteriaRanking : Judges rank entries from most favourite to least favourite
  • Assessment Criteria : When the Type “Assessment Rating” is selected the administrator is able to configure different assessment criteria along with criteria weighting. This weighting multiplies the rating for that specific assessment criteria to determine the score
  • Maximum Points per Judge : This allows you to set a limit on the maximum number of points that a judge can allocate across all entries. Note that the point maximum takes into consideration the weighting. So if a criteria has a weighting of 2 then each star will be worth 2 points and be counted against the maximum. Leave blank to ignore and set no limit.
  • Enable Judging comments : This allows for judges to enter comments against each entry that they judge. The comments can be displayed in the results area. These can also be exported to a CSV file.
  • Enable Auto assignment : When this is turned on, all entries will be assigned to every assigned judges group or judging user automatically when the round starts. The method for allocation is set in the assignment tab.
  • Start and End : These are dates and times in which the judging round will commence and finish. Note that after these dates judges will not be able to finalise and submit their scores. The date and time is relative to the global site timezone that was set under the site settings area. See Global Site settings for more details.
  • Judges : This where you select the judges groups which will be assigned entries for voting in this round. Note you can also select individual users if required.


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