The ContestPad platform includes powerful internal judging capabilities. This allows for groups of judges to be setup and assigned entries for judging over multiple rounds.

Judges are typcially known users who are created in the system. This is distinct from voting where the public come in and vote for their favourite entries.

The high level life-cycle of judging is illustrated below:

The core concepts of internal judging includes:

  • Judging Groups : Groups of judges who will assess, rate or rank entries

  • Judging Rounds : Judging periods where judging groups are assigned to the round. Judging rounds also determine the type of judging that is going to occur (rating, rating assessment, ranking)

  • Entry Assignment : This includes assigning entries to judges groups for a specific round

  • Judging round commencement : Once a round is commenced judges can login to the judging site using their credentials to start rating, assessing or ranking entries

  • Scoring : Judges can rate entries between 1 to 5, rank entries from best to worst or assess entries based on configurable assessment criteria

  • Finalisation : Once judges have completed scoring their round they can submit their final scores for each entry or wait until the round finishes for the scores to be submitted automatically.

In the following sections we will detail how to setup and manage you internal judging.

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