Integration with other Video platforms

The Launchpad6 platform allows for the integration of other Video hosting platforms such as YouTube to automatically and seamlessly post videos to these platforms when entries are uploaded. The platform allows for video entries to be uploaded to one or multiple hosting platforms. This includes the native Launchpad6 hosting platform.

Note that before adding another hosting platform such as YouTube you must setup the integration keys e.g. Google keys for YouTube. This is described in more detail at : Linking my contest to YouTube

By default the video hosting platform is set to only Launchpad6. To add YouTube hosting, click on the Add New Host button to add a new video hosting platform

You will now be presented with a setup wizard to add a Video host. From the drop-down list select YouTube. Click Continue to go to the next step

Click on the Connect My Youtube Account button and then click on Continue

You will now be redirected to a Google Login Page, where you will need to supply your YouTube credentials.


Once you have provided a valid credential for a YouTube account, you will be asked to acknowledge access to your YouTube account. By clicking Allow button, the Launchpad6 platform will be able to perform the listed activities against the associated YouTube account. Select “Allow”

Once you have clicked Allow, you will be taken back to the Video Host setup wizard. Click Continue.

Final setup of the Video Host setup wizard is to enable the Youtube Integration. Set this to “on” to turn on YouTube integration. You can also set the default YouTube video Category that all videos will be set to in YouTube.

The Primary player will be set to the YouTube player when videos are viewed in the Launchpad6 contest platform.

You can also set a footer description. This is a piece of text that will be added to the description of all the videos that are uploaded to YouTube via the Launchpad6 Contest Platform.  This ensures that any videos that are viewed directly from the YouTube website or mobile app will have a link to take people back to the contest site to vote for entries. The default value is Vote for me at <url_to_the_entry>


Once this is complete there will be multiple hosting platforms (only Launchpad6 and YouTube are currently supported) that will receive the videos when entrants upload. Note that non-video entries will only go to Launchpad6 and will ignore this configuration.

Once multiple hosting platforms are setup (you can also have multiple YouTube integrations setup) you can select which hosting platform is going to be the primary platform. The primary platform is the platform that the videos are sourced from to display and stream videos from anywhere within the Launchpad6 platform (this includes both the dashboard and the contest website).

To make another platform the primary (Launchpad6 is set as primary by default), click on Make Primary button to make the YouTube Video host the primary platform that will be used to host the contest entry videos.

At this point the YouTube Video Hosting is enabled and working to run your YouTube based Launchpad6 Contest

If you want all videos to be only stored on YouTube and not Launchpad6 select “edit” for the Launchpad6 entry and set the “Enable Launchpad6” to Off

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