Setting up contest rewards

The ContestPad solution allows for as many rewards at different levels to be setup as required. These reward winners are used to display on the winners page when the winners of a contest are announced.

Create Awards

To create your awards go to the Entries tab and select the "Winner" sub-menu.

By default no awards will be created.

Then select the "Add Award" button

This will create an empty award for you to name and add your winners to. For example an Award may be 1st Place or People's Choice Award, etc. By default the name of the award will be Award-<n>. You should rename this award to reflect what you want displayed in your winners gallery.

Set the description and points (note this is currently not used). You can also select a badge to display with every entry that is selected for this award.

Select Winners

Once the Award(s) are created you can then select winners for each award. To do this select "Add Winner".

This will display in a popup window a list of all the entries.

From this window you can sort and filter entries to select the entry which has won this specific award.

You can also filter out entries which have been selected for an award already and you can also select a random winner from the filtered list. This is great for sweepstakes type contests.

Once the entry has been selected hit "Accept" and the entry will display in that specific Award.

Once you have selected all your Award winners you can then publish the winners into the Winners page by enabling the "Announce Winners" switch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the "Announce Winners" switch is enabled the home page will be replaced with the winners page. This page can be styled within the template editor.

Contacting Winners

You can also email winners for each Award individually or email all winners from all Awards.

The email sent is based on the Winners email template within the Notifications tab so be sure to configure and style this first.

To select individual winners to notify expand the specific Awards tab you would like to contact the winners for, select each entry and then select "Notify Winners". This will send out an email to each winner.

To send a notification to all winners select the "Notify All Winners" button at the top of the Winners form.

Before notifying winners be sure to style the "Winners notification" email template under the "Notifications" tab.

You can also export all selected winners into a csv file for your own records.

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