ContestPad allows for watermarks to be encoded with the uploaded videos and images so that entries can be branded to your organisation.

To get to the watermark feature, select

Customising Video Entries

If you are collecting video’s from entrants which you would like to brand with your own corporate branding, the platform provides the ability to add custom branding right into the video so no matter where it is viewed it will always have your brand.

Adding a watermark

Each video entry can have a watermark put anywhere on the video’s or images that are uploaded.

The overlay of images onto the video contains the following settings:

Watermark image: You can upload or select an image from the image library to overlay any video that is uploaded.

Watermark Width: Set the size in percentages that the width of video the image will be sized to. For example if 50% is selected the width of the overlay image will take up half the width of the video regardless whether the video is shot in portrait or landscape mode.

Watermark Position (vertical): Set the offset percentage from either the top or the bottom of the video where the image overlay is going to be positioned. The offset is taken from the bottom or top edge of the image.

Watermark Position (horizontal):  Set the offset percentage from either the left, right or center of the video to place the overlay image. The offset is taken from either the left or right edge of the image (for left and right offsets) and the center of the image for the center offset.

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