Each contest has the option to setup advanced scoring. This promotes the engagement with entries based on different metrics.

The system also allows you to derive scores based on the combined score and weighting across different engaging methods.

The advanced scoring options can be accessed via the contest settings area and by selecting the scoring option from the menu options.

In the scoring area you will be presented with all the different engagement method metrics that the contest platform supports.

Each engagement can be set to include a weighting. The weighting multiplies the number of engagements received of the specific type.

All scores are then added up for each engagement (after multiplied against the weighting) and applied to the entry score.

It is important to note that some metrics are not instant and are applied after approximately 24 hours. Delayed score metrics is primarily from external social platforms such as Facebook.

Also note that a Facebook API key must be implemented in order for the Facebook engagement metrics to work.

Also important is that scoring metrics outside of votes e.g. comments, shares, etc. will start counting as soon as the entry is uploaded (not when the vote period starts and ends) and that none of the vote restrictions are applied to other metrics (e.g. number of votes per period, number of entries a user can vote for, etc.) 

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