Once you have setup your Contestpad Site Settings typically the next important step is to actually configure or create your first contest.

 Getting Started

The Contest icon links to the setup area for contests. The currently created contests will be displayed. Users can create multiple contests however with the Free, Entry and Starter packages only one contest can be published at any one time.

A contest can have one of three statuses:

  • Offline : Used to denote that a contest is not published or available publically. It can still be configured and previewed through the dashboard.

  • Published : Is published and accessible to users from the contest site depending on the access criteria set for the contest

  • Closed : Is accessible to users who have been given access however no actions such as uploading or voting can occur on the site.

You can also perform different actions on the contest:

  • Design : Used to design the user interface to participants to the contest.

  • Manage : Used to configure and manage entries for the contest.

  • Copy : Used to make a duplicate of the contest settings and design. Note this does not copy entries from one contest to another.

  • Delete : Used to delete the specific contest.

To view the different attributes of the contests, select the “Columns” button and select from the available fields to display. 

You Can also create new contests by selecting the “Create a new Contest” button.

When a Free package is first created a default contest will be created in the publish state. You can use this as a template to configure your first contest.

Creating a new contest

When you select "Create a new Contest" a simple configuration screen will be displayed to capture the name and description of the contest.

Once the contest is created the configuration area of the contest is displayed so you can continue configuring your contest.

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